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'tis all about Meg

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May 10th, 2005

01:38 pm

Just wanted to post a new picture of my little brother...'cuz he's a cute kid. Will update FOR REAL later!

Beau (my baby brother...teehee)Collapse )

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April 18th, 2005

05:15 pm
So I just found out that out of the 100+ girls who applied to be a counselor at 6th Grade Camp this year...that I was one of the 20 they picked...woot! For those of you who don't know, it's this sleep away camp thingy that 6th graders go on in PA, and ever since 6th grade, I've wanted to be chosen as a counselor to go with them...and I finally am, yayyy!
Enough about that though...lol.
Tonight is the Maroon5 concert and I'm suprising my mom (b/c it's her B-Day) with tickets...she should be home within 20 minutes or so...I'll let y'all know how it goes!!
Current Mood: anxiousanxious

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April 16th, 2005

10:48 am
So, I got my ass out of bed at 7:30am this morning to go shopping @ the Gap b/c they were having this HUGE 'mall employee' sale. Woot! I got 2 super cute cardigans for work, some capri's and a bunch of tops for like $75. But anywho...
Last night I went to go see The Amityville Horror with Maria, and it was...umm...interesting. Let's just leave it at that. It was pretty corny...and almost as stupid as the original, only with better special effects.
Today I have to work from 2-9:30, grrr. Come visit me...please?

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April 14th, 2005

02:15 pm

Here is a picture of Gavin and meeeee!! Woot!

 p.s. i look like poo...but 'tis ok!

Me and Mr. DeGraw! Woot!Collapse )

oh, and by the way...I've decided that I'm going to marry him! teehee...

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April 12th, 2005

04:26 pm - Eeeeee!

So last night was the Gavin DeGraw/Relient K concert. Woot! My friend Vanessa, and I were driving past the theater just so we knew where it was, and then were going to go look for a parking spot. And she's like: "Hey, Meg, that guy [standing on the corner] looks kinda like Gavin, eh?" and then there was me: "hmm, wow...it really does...[i glance to the other side of the street, and after a long pause]...Oh my god!! That is Gavin!!" Both of us squeal, roll down our windows and start blasting 'Follow Through' he looks up, laughs and heads back to the stage door...that was the first silly thing of the evening...

Then we were waiting to get into the theater and saw this random employee standing outside with a backstage pass around his neck and an extra meet and greet pass in his hand...so of course I go up to him and ask who it's for...and he tells me that it's for his wife...but if she's not interested in going backstage (and he didn't think she was) that he'd be upstairs by the merchandise booth, and for me to come upstairs and look for him...

We get into the theater and make a mad dash up the stairs because a.) The first 50 people to buy Gavin merchandise got a pink wristband that got them admission to the little meet and greet after the show and b.) to find our buddy. Wew got the wristband, but the guy was no where in site. We headed back down and went to our seats. And then found out that instead of 'Low Millions' opening, that Aaron Carter was...eew. So as soon as he got onstage, we left to go walk around for a while. It was kind of funny/sad though because once he stared singing, there were only about 20 people in the whole venue (all under the age of 13) who were standing and actually caring....lol. We went back upstairs (just because we were bored) and then ran into the guy from outside. He folded the pass up as little as he possibly could and slyly passed it under the table to me...woot! Then I found out that the meet and greet was actually before the show...so this pass was going to do me no good. But I also found out that Aaron and Relient K were the only ones who participated in it (the meet and greet)...not Gavin. So that made me less sad due to the fact that I didn't really care about the other two acts anyways...

Relient K was onstage performing and I wanted to go and buy a water...I'm walking in the lobby and some radio station employee comes and grabs me by the arm...and says to follow her. I have no clue where I'm going, but I follow anyways. I'm then standing backstage (by the dressing rooms) and some other employee comes and asks me if I want a headshot or a poster....of GAVIN! I found out that Gavin wasn't doing his meet and greet until 8pm, and I was picking out which one I wanted him to sign! Woot!!! I picked the poster...and I see him walk in. My heart starts racing and I'm having an extreme teeny-bopper moment and my eyes begin to get watery...why...I'm not sure...but they were!! lol. And then it's my turn...I walk into his dressing room and he greets me with the biggest smile ever! And is like: "Hey baby, whats your...oh my....were you crying!? aww, don't be sad" (and he gives me a BIG hug!) I just told him how much I (heart) him and his music...and then we took 3 pictures. 1 for me, 1 for the radio station, and 1 for the local paper. Eeeee! I go back to my seat all giddy like a 10 year old and my friend (who also loves Gavin) is like: "WHAT THE FUCK!? OH MY GOD, MEGHAN! AHHHHHHHHHH!!" We both begin jumping up and down and all the 14 y.o. girls are laughing at us...it was kind of funny....teehee.

Gavin goes onstage and does his thing....and was absoutley AMAZING! (as usual!!) Such a hottie, omg! Then after he goes offstage, the tour manager gave me his guitar pick and his set list (with his wad of gum on it.) The gum freaked me out a little, but excited me all at the same time...lol. So now I have all of my gavin shtuff in a shadow box on my dresser! Afterwards, he did a little meet and greet (for the wristbands) which just included 1 autographed item and no pictures (b/c there wasn't enough time) so i REALLY lucked out with the way I got to meet him! I got up to the table and asked him to sign the set list...and stood up and was like: "hey gorgeous...no more crying, ok!?" and gave me another hug...teehee. I got lots of jealous looks from that one!! lol.

On the drive home, I got stopped by a cop. For the first time ever. I always imagined I would be all stressed out and paniky when that happened, but I was SO tired (this was at 12:45am) that I didnt even care. He was like: How old are you, ma'am? (17) Any reason why you're in such a hurry tonight? (No, sir. Just trying to get home) I see you were at a concert (I had my backstage pass around my neck) (yess'ir) No drinking, right? (No, sir) alright...well I'll let you go with a warning this time...but no more speeding, ok? (Absoutley not, sir, no more speeding) Have a safe drive home, ma'am.   .....that was a close one.... now I'm all paranoid and I do the EXACT speed limit! lol.

I'll post pix when I get 'em scanned!

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April 10th, 2005

10:29 am

Yesterday, I went on a college visit to Slippery Rock University (in PA) and I absoutley loved it. The campus is beautiful and I could honestly see myself going there. It's one of those little itty-bitty towns with like 3 stoplights in the whole city...but it def. has charm. The quietness of it may be enough to drive me crazy though...oh well...we'll see. The estimated tutition for ME with my GPA, and out of state rate is $13,000...room and board included. So in the grand scheme of things....it's really not that bad...right?

Today I have to work until 6:30, and I really, really don't want to go, but I think my left rear 'shock' on my car is going bad...lord only knows how much that'll cost me...so I really need the $$...

But on the upside, I'm going to the Gavin Degraw concert tomorrow! Woot!!

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April 9th, 2005

11:46 pm - Pictures

Here be some pictures!

Meg and NorbertCollapse )

Meg and SherieCollapse )

Meg and MattCollapse )

Meg and CaryCollapse )

Meg and Michael Cavanaugh (Movin' Out)Collapse )

Meg and Cary's Subway PosterCollapse )

Current Mood: tiredtired

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10:43 pm - Lateness

So for those of you who really know me...it's a miracle that I'm actually getting around to updating at all. But heeere we go! (p.s......it's REALLY LONG!)

So Friday, we got into the city around 1:00pm. Right at the lunch time rush...but it was ok. And we only got lost once! After going through a bunch of bullshit at our hotel check-in, we didn't even end up getting into our room until 4 (::bastards::). After hitting up Olive Garden for lunch/dinner we decided to try for DRS. There were about 130 people there at the lotto and they actually picked my name! WOOT! We were front row, DEAD center. It was pure and utter amazing-ness. I loved EVERY second of it. The cast was awesome! I never saw myself as a real fan of John Lithgow...but the man truly is a wonderful actor. And Norbert...OMG! What a silly-goose! There were several times during the show where I was simply laughing SO HARD that tears were streaming down my face. The main reason I wanted to see the show was because Sherie was in it. She didn't actually enter the story pretty far into the show...but nonetheless, she kicked ass! Seeing her perform live is something that I had dreamt about for a while and I wasn't the least bit dissapointed! I really wanted to buy a shirt, or a windowcard, or a keychain...SOMETHING! But there were like (seriously) TWO shirts left. period. And NO windowcards....grr. So now I'm trying to find some merch online. Stage Door. I met Norbert, and he was probably one of the nicest guys ever! He went out of his way to come onto the 'other side' of the barracades for a picture with me when he realized that he had missed signing my stuff when making his way down the line. I (heart) . While waiting for Sherie to some out, I saw Michelle Federer walk up to the stage door. Some girl behind me was all: "Oh My Gawd!...It's Nessarose! Can we get our picture with you." She looked kind of irritated, but took the pic anyway. But what can I say...she DOES have a real name and she probably just finished playing the 'stage door game' at the Gersh...oh well...what can ya do. Finally, Sherie came out. And for the record, I've come to a new conclusion: Broadway stars have babies JUST to get out of doing stage door! lol. No, but seriously though...that was the FIRST thing out of her mouth when she walked outside of the door...She was nice though. You could tell she's not a fan of stage-dooring, but she still humored most of the fans that were there anyway...

Saturday morning, we decided to go see Movin' Out. Because none of us had seen it before...they had a rush...ya know. It just kind of 'fit' in our plans. We ended up front row, center....again...lol. Before the show started, there was this guy standing outside being all loud and whatnot....so I noticed him. And then half way into the show, my mom leans over to me and is like: "isn't that guitar player [in the band] the guy we saw outside?" it was...it didn't really matter, but we all noticed it. Then, everytime I glanced up, he was looking down at me. It was fucking weird...I mean...he was REALLY old. lol. And then during the finale, he mouthed the words "catch" to me and tossed me the guitar pick. Then when I was waiting @ the stage door, just because I wanted Michael Cavanaugh to sign "The Bag", the guitar player walks out....walks over to me and is all: "OMG sweetie, it's so good to see you! I'm glad you ended up catching it after all....who are you ladies [me, mom and megan] waiting for?" We were like: Michael. And he was like: "Aw, hell...he won't come out now....but I'll MAKE HIM!" so he goes back in...and comes out with Michael. It was silly. The show itself wasn't THAT great, but the whole guitar player and fish fight that occured during 'Angry Young Man' def. kept it interesting! lol.

Saturday evening, we went and tried the RENT lotto. We won (of course...) and saw the show. I didn't realize that Karmine was on vacation until I walked in...saw the cast board...and felt like I wanted to cry...lol. (I know, I'm lame) But I was very interested to see Caren, and she did NOT dissapoint! She was SO amazing! I was very glad that if it wasn't Karmine that I was getting to see...then I'd get to see Caren! The rest of the cast was also awesome. Especially Cary...teehee. I (heart) Cary...lots! And for the first time, talking to him after the show, I realized that he has this AMAZING french accent! I LOVE IT! And he's such a sweet guy...but anywho...lol. Then we were talking to D'Monroe and I must say...I do love this man too! He's so nice. We were talking, and I mentioned getting a picture. Now, I have a BAD habit of slouching in my pictures just to look 'less freakishly tall'. And thats what I intended to do in our picture until he stepped back and was like: "Girrl! You better stand up tall! Be a proud woman! (I stand up tall) Damn, girl,  how tall are you!? (I say 6feet) Wooaah...mmm...guys love tall girls...and you're beautiful too...niice...you do realize that you're going to have to find yourself a guy who's like 6'5" and when you have babies, they'll be like 5'11" when they're six years old..." It was just weird. Funny...but weird. lol. 

Then the next day, we went back to the RENT lotto for the Saturday Mat. (b/c Dom was going to be on as Mimi...and I love Dom) Got tickets...got hit on by the lotto guys...you know. Nothing out of the ordinary @ the Neder. The show was awesome! Dom was AMAZING. I just love how all the actresses who play Mimi potray her so differently...it's nice to have a change every now and then! lol. After the show, D'Monroe walks out, and says "Look, there's my supermodel" and gave me a hug. He makes me feel all warm & fuzzy..teehee.

Well, Monday morning, we headed down to NYU. Because since we were using a 'College Visit Day' through school...that we should actually visit a college...lol. It 'twas fun!

Wow. that was a lot. but it was fun!!!!


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April 4th, 2005

10:04 pm - teehee

Alright. I'm back...but SUPER tired, so I'm gonna sleep now.                                                  Reviews and Pictures to come tomorrow...                                                                              

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March 31st, 2005

11:50 am - Cramming
Alrighty. I leave for NYC tomorrow (REALLY EARLY) although I'm excited, I'm kind of stressed because there's a lot of stuff I need to get accomplished before we leave...grr...but I keep telling myself that 24hrs from now...life will be good again!
So if any of you are going to be in NYC from 4/1-4/4, hit up the cell!

But on another note, I need y'all to pray to the lotto/rush gods for me...ok!? lol. shhanks.

Review(s) to come upon my return!
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